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Wine tasting experiences
Wine Tastings with a variety of vintages from different vineyards and  different Oak barrels if not stainless steel Vats. Wine Valley Tours opens up your experience and informing you all of the different aspects to making wine from the cork to the type of glass used, there is so much to learn about wine making let alone the farming side of growing grapes in harsh conditions.

Barossa Valley wine tasting tours with Wine Valley Tours

Barossa Valley tours from Adelaide with Wine Valley Tours offering all guests a trip to five cellar doors. Wine tastings are a great experience, they are fun and can be serious as they will advance your knowledge of wines. Barossa Valley‘s most popular grapes are the Shiraz , Grenache, Cabernet and Tempranillo , the experience throughout […]

Barossa Valley Wine History

Barossa Valley has a long heritage history. From the day European settlers first arrived in what was then the olony (now the state) of South Australia in 1836.  A German mineralogist named Johannes Menge had  reported back to the London-based South Australian Company that the fertile area north of Adelaide would surely support “vineyards and […]