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Wine Valley Tours

Visit 5 wineries

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Adelaide Hills Wine Tour

Most popular

Bird In Hand


Peta Luma

Shaw & Smith

Craft beer or Gin in Hahndorf


Barossa Valley Wine Tour

Most Popular

St Hugo

Chateau Tanunda

Kalleske (wine with lunch)

Tscharke’s place

Craft beer or Gin 


McLaren Vale Wine Tour

most popular itinerary

d’Arenber Cube

Serafino’s (wine with lunch)

Samuel’s Gorge

The Confessional

Oliver’s Taranga 

Craft beer or Gin

Wine Tours things to know

Our pricing is calculated for quality and value

You are welcome to tailor your own tour, we have prepared itineraries that have been carefully chosen for contrast, we do not have prefferences or want to steer customers away from any winery, all wineries deserve a visit and as an operator we can only set up an itinerary with contrast and past experiences that will satisfy all guests.

All our tours have an itinerary with 5 places to visit, in most cases we manage 5 wineries / venues, in some groups the clients choose a longer lunch that can reduce the schedule, either way this tour is about you and what the group likes to experience from their day tour.

Private tours with 2 Adults are $580 per couple

4 Adults $680 

6 AduIts $880 

8 Adults $1,180

10 to 20 Adults $148 per person

We include all the tasting fees and a regional platter lunch.


Email us with the occasion, region and how many guests so we can start working on an itinerary that will work perfectly, you can assist with any dietary requests and the location for the pick up so we can adjust all the tour to suit.

All tours are flexible, guests can opt out of a winery and add a Gin distillery or Beer venue, the Gins or beers are an individual option and at the clients expense.

All tours are not licensed to consume alcohol on the vehicle throughout the tour, we also do not allow food, dairy or drinks on our vehicles, we keep our vehicles spotless and well presented. consuming alcohol throughout the tour at each venue will creep up to some guests more than other, looking out for each other will make the tour a better experience, encourage your friends to drink water and avoid the refusal of wine tastings, a winery is responsible for serving alcohol and for those intoxicated they have the right to refuse a tasting and this is very understandable.

Phone: 0456 805 241
Email: george@winevalleytours.com.au
MON-FRI 07:00 - 22:00, SAT-SUN 07:00 - 22:00

Wine Valley Tours

'Choose your
region, Visiting 4 - 5 great places'

Wine tours start from here, by choosing your preferred region. Wine Valley Tours will tailor a wine tasting  tour for you. We have also carefully chosen wineries that offer great wine tastings, quality and contrast. Day tours start from 9:15 and we visit the last winery at 4 pm as they close at 5 pm. This allows time for the wine tastings to be relaxing and informative. Private tours to the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley , Clare Valley and McLaren Vale, all depart from Adelaide or your accommodation point. We also start tours from Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley and Clare Valley, if this is where you are all located.


personal service

Vertical wine tasting flights

Wine tastings are experienced in many ways, from a vertical flight where the guests stand up to the cedar door bar and go through the wines or with a wine tasting flight being a sit down experience. With Covid we are unable to do many vertical wine tastings.

get to know other wines

Wine tastings offer clients various wines , you may not like Rosè for example but Rosè is made differently by various wine makers, it is a good idea to explore wines that you may not have liked before.

Learn how wine is made

Cellar door staff love to showcase the wines, from the current vintage through to the older vintage wines or fortified wines (Port). Each wine maker influences the final drop, by choosing the grapes , storing it in oak and the blend or region they will make the final product with.

Flexible and fixed itineraries available

We have prepared itineraries for each region, we encourage your input and all guests are welcome to add or remove wineries to suit their wine tour. Wine Valley Tours make sure the wineries will offer the best experience and not just value but contrast, we think going to wineries with contrast adds more dimensions to the tour.